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Sustainable Services

Eurest Services offers a number of sustainable solutions that will increase the quality of your buildings, while decreasing not only your budget, but your impact on the environment as well. With nearly 55% of all organizations already implementing a formal sustainability strategy, now more than ever, companies are turning to green solutions to realize cost savings and health benefits.

We continue to push ourselves to truly master the art and science of sustainability via our certified Green Cleaning program. We also understand that going green is a significant commitment, which is why we've developed solutions that can be incrementally introduced and easily implemented.

Green Cleaning

Our Green Cleaning Program offers our clients effective, environmentally protective cleaning. The purpose of this program is to minimize exposure of building occupants and our employees to potentially hazardous chemical, biological, and particle contaminants that may adversely impact air quality, health, building finishes and systems, and the environment. We are committed to providing you with a cost-effective, environmentally sound and health-conscious program in order to create an optimal working environment.

    Some of the benefits of our Green Cleaning Program:
  • Reduces amount of dirt/soil entering the building by using appropriately sized walk-off mats
  • Improves cleaning process and efficacy
  • Proven day cleaning expertise reduces electricity costs and increases productivity
  • Reduces frequency of labor-intensive and restorative tasks by utilizing strategic maintenance programs
  • Structured equipment maintenance programs extend the life of our assets, reduce additional capital requests, and reduce unnecessary disposal of items to the landfill

Day Cleaning

Eurest Services is one of five leading Building Service Contractors (BSCs) to earn healthy high performance cleaning (HHPC) Day Certified Contractor status. Our HHPC Day Cleaning program incorporates sustainable cleaning practices, tools, equipment and chemicals.For more information, view our Day Cleaning brochure here.

    Some of the benefits of Day Cleaning:
  • 4-8% energy cost savings after converting to Day Cleaning
  • Improves cleaning quality because there is immediate supervision
  • Improved building security
  • Environmental footprint reduction
  • Energy Star and LEED enhancement

Waste Management and Recycling

Our on-site managers are well-versed in leading an organization in establishing a recycling program. We have strategic partnerships with waste management companies like Antos and New Market Waste Solutions, which can support our work and help achieve cost reductions of 20% for our clients.

At no additional cost, Eurest Services will arrange to have one of our professional waste management experts survey your site's waste program. We will provide an analysis of current activities, identify opportunities to gain efficiencies, and make specific recommendations on alternative processes, programs, and receptacles that will streamline waste, reduce costs, and improve our environment.

Energy Management

Monitoring and controlling energy consumption is a significant sustainable practice that can have a major impact on your bottom line. Eurest Services has developed a comprehensive energy management program that can make all necessary operational adjustments to maximize efficiency in heating, cooling, and electrical usage. From small, energy-efficient upgrades to major capital expenditures, Eurest Services can deliver significant long-term ROI through utility and cost reduction.

Eurest Services offers solutions with a proven record of energy conservation and associated cost savings.

  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability of existing energy equipment and systems
  • Adequate levels of electric power, heating

Equipment and Products

Eurest Services offers flexible choices in the equipment provided in our programs to support the green initiatives of our clients. We work with you to develop best-fit programs sensitive to the environment without sacrificing quality.

The products and equipment used in our Sustainability program meet the criteria of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED-EB rating system and are certified by Green Seal:

  • Touchless cleaning equipment
  • Recycled restroom products
  • Specialty entryway matting
  • HEPA-certified vacuum cleaners
  • Environmentally efficient auto-scrubbers
  • Microfiber cleaning solutions