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Corporate Policy

Eurest Services utilizes a balanced, three-step approach in providing a measureable and effective Sustainability program, with values and best practices deeply rooted in respecting our environment. We understand that our work not only impacts the health and well-being of all those who frequent and visit your building, but the outside community as well.

The first step in our Sustainability program is to educate our clients and employees about the health, community, and bottom-line benefits of sustainable approaches. When we give our clients all the necessary information, they are able to make educated decisions about what type of Sustainability program works best for them. We then work in conjunction to design and implement a custom approach that offers our best-in-class sustainable services and products. By developing sustainable Green Cleaning, Recycling and Waste Management, and Energy Management programs, we can create and sustain a customized, environmentally friendly and cost-effective program that has no ill effects on the surrounding environment.

Corporate Policy on Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to enhancing the well being and professional career of each and every service expert through our best practices and standards that promote active social responsibility.

Onsite Safety

We value the safety of our employees, which is why we require extensive safety training throughout their careers. From comprehensive education that outlines strict guidelines, daily safety reminders at the start of every shift, to quarterly training in emergency procedures (snow storms, gas leaks, power outages); we take every step to ensure that health and well being are a priority onsite.

Continued Education & Career Development

Given that our service experts are committed to mastering their craft, we have implemented externally accredited training and development programs to identify ongoing training and coaching needs. We actively manage and support each individual's personal development plan, ensuring that everyone has opportunities to realize and develop their full potential throughout their career with us. Above all, we believe that high productivity and employee morale are closely linked to proper training programs, and well-trained people are essential to our culture of continued progress.

Recognized Excellence

We value our staff's exceptional hard work, and encourage and celebrate their superior efforts via incentive programs and annual rewards.

For more on Compass Group's corporate responsibility policies, visit the Compass site here.


By employing carefully selected products and practices via our Green Cleaning program, we have not only taken steps towards reducing our own carbon footprint, but our clients' as well. Eurest Services is a leader in sustainable practices, which is why we have earned some of the industry's top certifications.

Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) is a seal of excellence designed to help building service contractors and in-house providers develop quality, customer-centered organizations. Eurest Services has earned the CIMS-Green Building certification with Honors, an additional distinction that certifies our commitment to the delivery of environmentally preferable services designed to meet customer needs and expectations. With numerous managers who are members of the U.S. Green Building Council, Eurest Services can implement CIMS-GB principles into our clients' operations where requested, providing sustainable practices to assist in achieving points under the LEED-Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EBOM) Green Building Rating System.