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With full management of all outdoor service needs, Eurest Services focuses on the outer workings of your facility, so that you can focus on the inner workings of your business.

We take pride in offering solutions not only for internal business coordination and logistics, but also for the exterior appearance of your organization. Our outdoor services not only offer an aesthetic advantage and weather-related emergency solutions, but also prevent damage to your building from the wear and tear of nature.

We implement all outdoor programs after carefully assessing your needs and strategically developing a customized plan that consistently, efficiently and effectively delivers quality, cost-effective services to every inch of your facility and grounds.

Grounds Keeping

Our Grounds Services are designed to provide our clients with safe, secure and visually appealing environments. We will assess all grounds maintenance tasks and produce site-specific evaluations.

Each member of the crew undergoes equipment training, records are kept of their training courses and they are then certified on the equipment they operate. To ensure that safety is embedded into the operator’s work plans, safety minders are given on a variety of related issues.

We provide a full range of outdoor maintenance services, including:

    Mowing program
  • Mowing services, edging & debris clean-up
  • Fertilizing program
  • Fertilization of non- irrigated turf, irrigated turf, trees shrubs & ground cover.
  • Deep Root fertilization, aeration of turf & PH test
  • Pesticide and weed control program
  • Borders and grass weed control, hard surface & building perimeter weed control, turf insect control. Tree shrub ground cover disease and insect control
  • Landscaping and maintenance program
  • Spring & fall clean-up, leaf removal, mulch, walking trails, tree pruning, flower bed, turf overseed, removal of yard waste

Snow Removal

Snow removal programs are implemented one month prior to the expected start of inclement weather (effective date to be established geographically). In the event of a severe wind storm or water damage, additional equipment and resources will be provided to expedite the process to assure zero loss of time. Staff from other service departments will be cross-trained to be able to assist with emergency responses.