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Masters of Our Crafts

In every service line, we bring real experts to your floor, office, warehouse, and grounds.

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Logistics & Transport

Eurest Services offers an integrated approach to logistics and transport services. Our expertise spans the gamut from comprehensive mailroom and courier services to warehouse and dock management, and from shuttle services to laboratory services and labor relations.

Partnering with Eurest Services to handle your materials goes beyond any single service or context. Our cross-disciplinary personnel coordinate effectively and provide key redundancy for mission critical functionalities, ensuring that in any eventuality, your organization’s mail, inventory, biologics, and more, are where they need to be.

Mail Services

Processing inbound and outbound mail and packages is a crucial task that requires expertise to ensure accuracy throughout all functions. We utilize the SCLogic Package Tracking System (PTS) to track accountable items received internally and externally, and obtain signatures electronically to complete the chain of custody process. Whether it is a standard piece of mail or a package that requires special DOT/IATA regulated handling, we have the skills and experience to handle them and ensure that they are promptly delivered to the correct recipient. Our depth of expertise also enables us to effectively manage all USPS mailing costs and the operational aspect of sealing and metering outbound postal mail including large distributions.

Shipping & Recieving

Globally, we have been providing shipping and receiving services for a variety of clients from various industries. We utilize technology based “fit for purpose” innovative solutions that assist in overall customer satisfaction, reporting and cost reductions. Real-time tracking solutions provide a detailed “chain of custody” process for each inbound and outbound package. This allows for the management of all shipping costs, inventory of shipping materials, daily tracking reports, accountable volumes and signature reports to all locations. Our shipping associates also receive in-depth training and hold all required statatory certifications.

Laboratory Services

We self-perform or partner with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), other independent sources for service and the clients’ own maintenance staff to provide a customized program that allows us to properly maintain a broad range of laboratory equipment.

Our technicians are proven performers in ordering lab and chemical supplies, hand-washing glass, ensuring consumables and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are readily on hand, and completing a myriad of day-to-day services that allow the scientists we serve to focus on their research.

For clients who require more highly-skill laboratory support, we provide full service laboratory research technicians, experienced in a wide variety of research protocols and equipment. Our high-level technicians bring added value to a lab setting, able to perform many higher level technical tasks in support of the laboratory’s operational goals.

Services provided typically include:

  • Glassware (pick up, wash & deliver)
  • Autoclaving of glassware
  • Dry Ice delivery & replenishment
  • Laboratory Notebook management & delivery
  • Store delivered supplies and chemicals to assigned lab areas
  • Deliver mail and special packages
  • Stock disposable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Remove Biohazardous waste
  • Maintain emergency cleaning/spill kits
  • Test eyewash stations and safety showers as required
  • Sort and pack recyclable goods
  • Maintain par levels of essential laboratory supplies
  • Remove dirty lab coats and replenish as needed
  • Cylinder and Bulk Gas Services
  • Liquid Nitrogen Handling/ Replenishment

Asset Tagging

An accurate inventory and methods to track the movement of assets allow a company to keep concrete records of its equipment and accessories. We provide a variety of initial inventory, asset tagging, and tracking solutions. We can also implement and execute procedures that will monitor the location and status of our clients’ vital equipment on an ongoing basis.

Courier Service

Eurest Services engages aggressively with our supply chain partners both in-country and on a global footing, to ensure that our customers always have access to best market rates for mail and courier services. We negotiate rates and develop standard procedures and vendor requirements that ensure that our clients receive the best possible service at the best possible price.

Records Management

Eurest Services is well-versed in the extensive legal and business complexities of superior and accurate records management. We work closely with our clients to understand their workflow as well as the appropriate industry-specific regulatory requirements to develop, implement and manage the most appropriate records management solutions. We do not provide our own software applications for records management, rather, we work with the clients’ or archiving storage provider’s software.

Inventory Management

Utilizing the best combinations of technological and manual methodologies, we assist our customers in keeping track of their inventory. Based on the clients’ needs, we assist with locating and employing the best technology available to keep track of their records. When a customer already has access to an appropriate inventory management solution, we provide the oversight and management to maintain an effective system.

Material Handling

We have developed standard procedures and processes that ensure our clients’ materials are handled securely and safely. Regardless of the type of material, we have the skills and experience to manage and handle them efficiently and effectively. We are experienced in handling intellectual, GxP, DEA, Biological and Radioactive materials following DOT/IATA regulations.

Shuttle Service

We self-perform or work closely with reliable third-party partners to help our clients move their most important assets -their people- from place to place. We coordinate timing, locations and schedules to provide cost-effective, dependable transportation and shuttle services for a variety of locations and events.

Labor Relations

Understanding that the complexities and intricacies of union management can prove to be difficult for even the most successful companies. Our professionals are experienced in helping companies navigate the potential successes and pitfalls of working with unions and managing union employees. As well as providing actual management services, we assist our clients in taking appropriate actions to guarantee successful employee relations.