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Mastering the Craft of Facilities Solutions

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Whether it's in our staff or in our offerings, we find strength in diversity.

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Business & Office

Eurest Services has mastered the craft of facility solutions, which extends beyond keeping your facility running smoothly, and into keeping key business operations and office functionalities in a state of high-performance and readiness.

Our business and office offerings encompass the full range of services that a professional setting relies upon to enable its day-to-day operation. From call centers and switchboards, to printing and signage, our multi-skilled specialists are highly trained to support your office, so that your office can support your business.

Audio Visual

Eurest Services works with our customers to determine the most effective audio visual technology to assist them in meeting their objectives. We support AV maintenance and management in the locations we operate. Whether it is AV conferencing or sharing of AV files, we can assist our customers in the setup and management of their AV needs.

Building Service Coordination

We provide skilled facilities personnel to ensure that your employees can perform their tasks in an optimal environment. Superior customer service is an essential piece of our service, as we complete facilities work tickets, coordinate events and manage the various facilities projects to completion. In addition, our services include mail sorting and delivery, reception, space planning, move coordination and management. We also manage many of the other service providers such as the janitorial contractor and food service provider. Ultimately, we seek to offer our clients exceptional facility management solutions.

Conference Room Setups

Eurest Services has extensive experience delivering conference services. We examine our clients’ meeting objectives and configure conference room setups that provide the most conducive environment to meet those objectives. From public to private meeting room management, AV needs, to conference and reception services, we arrange dynamic environments for our clients to conduct productive meetings.

Office Equipment Management

With the extensive technology options available today, office buildings operate using a variety of equipment. We have access to individuals with the skills and experience necessary to manage and maintain that equipment in optimal condition. We develop close working relationships with third parties who have demonstrated experience and ability and manage their services.

Printing Graphics

There are many suppliers of document solutions in the marketplace, but we have a beneficial position in that we are not bound to any one manufacturer. This means we are able to interact with all of the main players in the document solutions market and particularly the reprographics arena. Our commitment to familiarizing ourselves with our customer's specific requests allows us to match them with the professionals who can best fulfill their printing and graphics needs.


A first impression can last a lifetime, which is why we only provide the highest quality, professional reception services to our clients. Our clients can be confident that the first person their customers, vendors or partners interact with will be highly trained, polished and proficient. We strive to provide services that allow our clients to exhibit the same first impression that we want to make on them.

Event Planning

Within Events Management we co-ordinate a wide range of events that can vary from small to large corporate conferences and high level functions across a number of blue chip clients. We handle all aspects of the event planning and management process, from sales and marketing, concierge services, technology, multi-media support, catering, and reservations, among other services. We are firmly focused on delivering an outstanding level of service for those hosting the events as well as those attending. We utilize a close working relationship with our clients to deliver a memorable visitor experience in line with our clients’ brand vision and values.

Switchboard Services

From a switchboard perspective, whether it is a small standalone site or one handling 50,000 calls per month, including multi-site centralized call operations, we manage a variety of operations to meet our client's varied needs. We understand the importance of processing incoming calls in a prompt, professional and efficient manner, and only provide the highest caliber staff to provide these services.

Space Planning

Finding the most beneficial use of a space can become an integral part of a company's success. We have extensive experience in creating space planning solutions, either self-performed or through partners, that will best utilize and complement the available physical environment while meeting specific needs.

Call Center

In our customer driven economy, many companies are realizing the necessity of effective call centers. Achieving these goals requires the management of many different aspects, from development of standard operating procedures, managing software related technologies, training, hiring of the right staff and monitoring of the results. We have the knowledge and expertise to develop and coordinate the resources needed to aid our clients in their call center development and management.


Whether your company is brick and mortar or virtual, every business has an occasional need for signage. Locating the correct designer and printer can be a time consuming task. We work with a wide variety of professionals in the printing and graphics industry, which not only gives us access to some of the best in the field, but also allows for the variety in styles, forms and budgets that best benefit our clients.