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Extensive Training

Prior to specific job training, we ensure that our staff is fully aware of the critical importance of quality performance and results in achieving the mission of the clients we serve. We believe in a varied approach to training, via webinars, small workshops, video and manual instruction, and most important, the hands-on training where new recruits are paired with training sponsors qualified to instruct and critique.

The most valuable message that we relay to new employees is our desire for them to explore new and more productive ways to perform their tasks. In doing so, they are internally driven to refine their skills and greatly improve our services.

Beyond our initial training, Eurest Services’ employees are continually engaged in extensive training, such as monthly department in-service training sessions, a variety of externally accredited specialty certification programs and cross training sessions, which grants us the opportunity to efficiently implement varied service solutions on every site.

We believe that high productivity, continued growth and employee morale are closely linked to thorough training programs.