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Custom Eurest Services

At the core of our business is the understanding that every client has a different set of needs, and that significant measurable value is brought to an organization when non-core business activities, such as facility operations, are handled by a single, streamlined, dedicated workforce and management team.

In every Eurest Services partnership, those understandings combine to form customized service bundles, gathering each client’s disparate lines of service operations into a uniquely tailored, wholly integrated performance unit. This unit bundle is what we call, “Custom Eurest Services.”

While your Custom Eurest Services solution will be uniquely yours, certain service synergies often emerge as particularly interoperable across the client spectrum. A few of these are:

  • Materials Throughput Bundle
    Combining our Movement of Materials and Mailroom/Shipping/Receiving offerings, our specialists come together to operate docks, warehouses, and mailrooms alike, mastering the logistics of materials great and small.

  • Conference Management Bundle
    Our Conference Services, A/V Technician, Foodservice, Housekeeping, and Light Maintenance offerings put a comprehensive team of conference management experts on the floor of your facility, ensuring that every detail from setup to takedown is taken care of.

  • Laboratory Support Bundle
    Bringing in Eurest Services specialists as High-skill Technicians and Lab Materials Management teams, we can provide comprehensive support to any laboratory, from cleanroom contamination control and glass-washing to technical operations within the research and commercial science environments.

Whether your facility would benefit from synergies like those represented in these common service bundles, or from a synergy wholly your own, is something we look forward to formulating with you.