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Case Studies

Our specialists garner successes small and large every single day for the clients they serve. Here are a few examples of moments where our mastery of our craft shone through and made the difference.

Union relations to bridge the gap

One of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers was looking for a partner to bridge a union-to-non-union strategy for its twenty parts distribution warehouse sites scattered across North America. Working closely with our firm’s labor relations experts, a comprehensive outsourcing strategy was developed that provided for twelve months of non-union labor provisioning, giving way seamlessly to a comprehensive agreement governed by a long term collective bargaining arrangement.

Smooth transition to reliable quality

This international telecommunications provider had experienced dramatic swings in quality in its domestic US portfolio, owing to a fragmented outsourcing strategy involving numerous service providers. Taking a measured approach to eliminate any possibility of outcome risk, our firm was steadily awarded increasing responsibility over a twenty-four month period so that today, the majority of work is our responsibility, with only select markets that have not been transitioned as of this writing. Quality metrics are being reported at significantly higher levels and a dedicated project management function ensures consistency across the portfolio. We are now looking to other services to create new cost synergies.

New opportunities realized through streamlining

This cultural institution was faced with the very real challenge of budget pressure brought on by declining admissions. Having served this client for over ten years, we were able to leverage our institutional knowledge of the facility and its natural rhythm to eliminate incremental event manpower requirements by carefully restructuring the duties of the core building staff. This enabled the institution to host off-hours events with no marginal cost to the institution for set up and breakdown. This in turn has allowed the institution to become even more competitive in trying to secure incremental events to bring in critical new revenues without having to raise admissions prices.

Building trust, delivering savings

One of today’s leading brands believed that the maintenance of their real estate touched their core business and as a result, the majority of soft facility services were conducted with their own in-house staff. A change in senior management resulted in a desire to test the outsourcing concept and our firm was chosen exclusively to develop the outsourced model. In time, the validity of the concept was proven and a decision was made to make the move to a total outsourcing of the facilities alongside a cost model that delivered significant year-over-year savings.