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Mastering the Craft of Facilities Solutions

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Eurest Services is a premier facility services provider, offering leading national business and industry organizations a comprehensive range of self-performed and managed services, allowing our clients to focus on their core businesses in an optimal professional environment – an environment maintained by an exceptional, dedicated workforce.

Using our proven processes and standards as blueprints, our management team thoughtfully crafts customized facility service strategies to efficiently and consistently meet the needs of our clients, while significantly reducing their costs.

Our carefully selected employees are experts in their specialized fields, and they diligently and purposefully provide our clients with the highest caliber of service performance in the industry.

We continuously strive to refine our skill sets and offer the most innovative facility solutions, anticipating the ever-changing needs of competitive and successful businesses, and building partnerships that enable our clients to focus on what matters most: their core businesses.

Eurest Services History

Eurest Services was created in 1997 to complement the strong food service offering of Compass Group’s existing clients, as well as to meet the comprehensive support services needs of the entire business and industry sector.

In December 2008, Eurest Services acquired KIMCO Facilities Services Corp. Beyond gaining a team of experienced management talent and additional segments of the market, Eurest Services reaps the benefits of KIMCO’s expert janitorial and soft service capabilities. In February 2010, Compass Group acquired Toronto-based The Hurley Group, which added to the Eurest Services portfolio. Most recently, in June 2010, Compass Group acquired Knoxville-based SSC Service Solutions and transferred its commercial division to Eurest Services.

These strategic acquisitions have brought Eurest Services nationwide service coverage, increased service capability, and the flexibility and scalability to serve all potential clients, regardless of size, service need, or geographical location.


The Eurest Services model is built upon a detailed framework delivered consistently across all facilities. These proven solutions provide the necessary standards to allow our senior management team and subject matter experts to continue mastering the craft of facilities solutions, strongly supporting client relationships, quality control and innovation of best practices.

Our managed services model allows us to integrate third parties based on a single service culture and implement a client-dedicated team of senior management and cross-trained subject matter experts to decrease volume and increase value. As part of each service bundle customization, we perform studies to identify efficiency opportunities, and train our front line people to become multi-skilled, enabling them to deliver additional services as needed.

We’ve identified three components that are the cornerstones our managed service model:

  • True partner with full understanding of client needs:
    Creating the environment and culture to think, act and behave as one team with a common purpose. Our client-dedicated team is led by the Key Account Director who is responsible for the overall relationship, P&L and maximizing the partnership benefits for the client, and is supported by The Financial Controller, and an operating team including a Quality, Compliance and Innovation Manager, a HSE Manager and a GXP Manager. Together, they are responsible for ensuring standards are implemented.

  • Providing Best in Class Service with streamlined management:
    Our model consolidates all vendors into one contract under the responsibility of Eurest Services

  • Single Point of Contact:
    Each client is provided with a single point of contact for all service requirements. This key executive assists, advises, and directs management of all client sites and provides staff with a ready source for consultation. This is the liaison between Eurest Services and the client, setting the pace for the entire team and providing vision and direction through a network of global resources and support.

Strategic Relationships

Thompson Hospitality FM Services: The world's largest minority-owned Foodservice and Facilities Services Company.

This long-term partnership has provided us with the opportunity to offer our clients increased supplier diversity results, additional operational resources and added value by leveraging costs without sacrificing service or quality. Our partnership often enables us to offer our clients 20-25% diversity spend from the total program costs.

From recruiting the best talent and reviewing operations, to marketing strategies that drive participation in dining centers, to sharing best practices and capitalizing upon operational efficiencies in facilities management, Thompson Hospitality Services and Eurest Services have worked hand-in-hand to deliver results.

Vision & Mission

We are committed to delivering consistently superior support services in the most efficient way, for the shared benefit of our customers and employees. With a focus on value, we are dedicated to consolidating services financially in order to define the true cost of operations. As we execute our solutions within a consistent operating model, we also continuously strive to refine our specialized skill sets and seek out innovative products and technologies.


Our set of core values defines who we are and pushes us to reach and exceed our standards:


A team of thought leaders, our management and service experts seek out ways to enhance and innovate our core solutions. This forward thinking approach is complemented by our ability to lead confidently with our established service framework.


We strive to exceed expectations by providing first-class, self-performed support services with professionalism and passion. Our teams of experts have acquired a world-class reputation for delivering unmatched standards of service and health and safety performance in the industry.


Our commitment to responsible practices is not an afterthought, but rather an anticipated consideration of how we work and who we affect. We strive for responsibility towards our:

  • clients by enabling them to focus on their core business and in turn helping them to develop their own culture
  • employees by guaranteeing them a safe environment and by offering them opportunities for growth.
  • environment to ensure sustainability
  • stakeholders to ensure maximum value